Member's Area

Last update:

Long time promised, but finally I created this so called member's area.

Why this?

... because of some copyright and data security reasons.
As first result all of the email addresses and phone numbers will not be public anymore but need a login before access.
Also some documents will be but behind password restriction, because the authors ask for it (and may ask in future).

What will change?

... obviously not much!!!
You can use this page as you are used to! The only exception is that you will be ask for a user and a password if you try to access protected files (e.g. the student contact list in the General section)

Another change you can already see on top of this page is a small bar where y find the functions to administrate your user details.

Who will get access?

... everybody who needs to! (And of course it's free of charge! ;-)
I already created or will create soon accounts for all students from our course. (You should get an email with the account Information).
Any other person (teacher, other student or whoever) that might need access should just send me an email with a short statement why the need the data and I will create an user account for them as soon as possible!

Everybody who got the user account should have access to all documents! Only a few docs are furthermore limited to special groups. (e.g. the email list is only available for students from ittm03)