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ITTM docs

Welcome ITTM-students and all other web-travelers!

The intention of this site is to provide a collection of documents, that are anyhow connected to the study programm ITTM at the TFH-Berlin, which I joined in 2003/2004. It includes most presentations, my lecture notes and various additional material.

If you find mistakes or have questions or just want to invite me for a beer, please mail me!
email: phillip@tfh.phillipkern.de

So far ... Have Fun!


last updated:

Nobody told me that there are mistakes at the Innovation Management page. I just recognized now, when I needed some of the stuff for myself. I uploaded the presentation of Mr. Bremicker again (but take care 16MB are really heavy!)

Today I have an announcement, that does not come from my site, but is somehow official (maybe you already know). The ITTM-christmas party is announced at the ITTM page for the 20th of December. And (as far as I understood) all ITTM students are invited. Personally I'm afraid I won't make it because I will still be in munich then. But I guess it's important to keep the contact to help to improve the ITTM program (and of course to make social contacts! ;-)
The details you find here.

I hope they have enough Glühwein! (Please drink some for me!)

(BTW: first proposal for improvement: the invitation letter should be in English!)


I guess I'm done with the set up of the member's area. If there are still problems pease give me a hint! (Also if you want something special to get restricted.)
BTW: I'm very glad that I already got the first request for an account from the ITTM04-course! :-)


As I already promised to some of you I finally implemented a small restricted area, where I put in email/phone lists and some documents that might be critical in copyright!
Most documents stay free to everybody - of course!
For more Information: click here


First let me say welcome to the new ITTM students (OK I'm a bit late, it's almost November). I hope this Site will also be useful for you. (If you have something to contribute or want to support me with administratin, feel free to mail me!)
Long time ago that happened here, but as some of you may have noticed (because of a little downtime) I moved this page to a new server. In the beginning most things will stay the same, but sooner or later I will change further small things. But I will announce details here.


The pictures from last friday are online. You find them in the General-section or direct here.
Aaand! - I implemented a guestbook. So I would be glad if you would use it to keep us in contact.

2004/07/06 The last few points in Quality Management
2004/07/01 For anybody who is interested Thomas sent me (JIT) his presentation in Technical Logistics
2004/06/30 update in Quality Management including the first part of exam preparation
Further one more presentation from Technical Logistics and the updated notes in Multicultural Management(including the exam preparation)
2004/06/26 more presentations in Technical Logistics
2004/06/25 notes in Quality Management again and in Technical Logistics there I also tried to collect some useful stuff arround the exam.
2004/06/18 updated notes and the matrix diagram for the next exercise to fill out in Quality Management
2004/06/15 more International Marketing stuff
Although it's almost the end of our course, finally the Japanese section get's some content (Thanks to Thomas!)
2004/06/14 International Marketing Summary of Mr. Möbius is online!
2004/06/11 I tried to concentrate the slides of Mr. Möbius within 1 (printable) document.You find it in International Marketing!
Furthermore an update of Quality Management lecture notes.
2004/06/07 And more slides of International Marketing!
2004/06/02 The last slides of International Marketing!
2004/06/01 John scanned some pages from Mr. Sondermann. You will find this in the Quality Management section.
2004/05/19 new lecture notes in Quality Management
2004/05/15 Updated lecture notes in Multicultural Management , Quality Management and International Company Strategies
2004/05/07 new lecture notes in Technical Logistics &Quality Management
2004/04/30 Updated lecture notes in Technical Logistics , Quality Management and International Company Strategies
2004/04/27 And more slides of International Marketing!
2004/04/24 The first 10 slides of today's International Marketing lecture, including the details about the groupworks.
2004/04/23 My lecture notes of Technical Logistics have been updated.
2004/04/19 lecture notes in International Marketing from Saturday and today(Monday) and the Procter&Gamble Presentation are online.
2004/04/17 You can find our VW-Presentation in the International Marketing section.
2004/04/15 update of lecture notes of
Quality Management and
International Company Strategies (the last 45min of ICS are missing because I left earlier)
2004/04/08 I updated my lecture notes of
International Company Strategies
Multicultural Management
Technical Logistics and
Quality Management

The documents from the International Marketing lecture are online.


I created a final version of all lecture notes from last semester, if you are interested to keep this.
Also the actual lecture notes have been started.


I changed the structure of the site a little bit and implemented a new navigation.


Welcome back to 2nd round!
The new timetable is online at www.tfh-berlin.de.(direct link)
I tried to visualize it a little bit - here


I uploaded the pictures from the "Brokers"-Evening.

2004/01/25 Company Establishment:
I uploaded our business plan if sombody is interested
2004/01/22 International Economy Structure:
-updates notes
2004/01/21 Industrial Engineering:
- updated notes
2004/01/15 Innovation Management:
- latest slides (in 2 formats)
- presentation Creativity Templates
2004/01/14 Industrial Engineering:
- questionaire for exam preparation by Mr. Lubkoll
- exercise for exam preparation by Mr. Lubkoll
- updated my notes

Technology Transfer (Mr. Wall):
- download-link to "IHK-Leitfaden zum Technologietransfer"
- link to summary of the SCHMOCH-book
- updated my notes
- presentation of Daniel & Jan


Innovation Management:
- presentation of Yun Chao & Thomas
Technology Transfer (Mrs. Loroch):
- some presentation
- some presentations (please send/give me more!)

2004/01/08 Innovation Management:
- latest slides
- Triz-Matrix as ZIP-Archive

- some improvements to the start page
Industrial Engineering:
- actual case studies
- some presentations (please send/give me more!)


- uploaded the last version of MyNotes
- uploaded the questions, that Mr. Hayn told us for preparation for the exam