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Presentation of Mr. Mueller (Nov. 28th 2003)


Labour Law handout(Jan & me; PDF; 80k)
Labour Law presentation(Jan & me; PDF; 65k)
Assessment of Outsourcing Criteria handout (Heiko & Florian; PDF;130k)
Assessment of Outsourcing Criteria presentation (Heiko & Florian; PDF;290k)
Contract Writing & Risk Management handout (Fuat & Oguz; PDF; 130k)
Sourcing within company strategies (Daniel & Jan P., PDF 190k)
Realisation and Controlling of Outscourcing Decisions handout (Thomas & Wenxuan, PDF 261k)
Outsourcing in frame of internationalization by Yunchao (PDF, 1,74MB)& Ping(PDF, 46kb)
Outsourcing in frame of internationalization Handout of ping(PDF,46k)


Homepage of Mr. Mueller http://www.hemueller.de