Innovation Management

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Thanks to Mr. Bremicker for the slides and the TRIZ-Matrix!


Because of copyright reasons some of these documents need authorization!

slides of the last 12 lectures (2004-01-15; PDF; 16MB!!!)
slide of last 12 lectures (6 slides on 1 page) (2004-01-15; PDF; 6MB)


The 40 Inventive Principles (PDF; 25kB)
The 39 Technical Features (PDF; 29kB)

The Feature - Matrix is splitted into 6 pictures. To download the pictures use right click to the cells in the table below and select save as. Or download all pictures as ZIP-Archive(760kb).
(Each gif-picture around 130kb)
feat.1-13 feat.14-26 feat.27-39
feat.1-20 pic 1 pic 2 pic 3
feat.20-39 pic 4 pic 5 pic 6


I also created a HTML-page that combines all pictures. But this only make sense if you use a browser with zoom-function (like opera) and it's to big for modem (>800kb) but if you want to try: here


Innovation in Glass Industry by Fuat (PDF; 530kB)
SWOT-Matrix by Heiko (PDF; 100kB)
Future-Scenarios by me (PDF; 800kB)
Creating New Market Space by YunChao & Thomas (PDF,510k)
Creativity Templates by Eva, Andrea, Jan & Daniel (PDF, 650kb)


Links that were mentioned by Mr. Bremicker:
a lot of information especially for QFD