Industrial Engineering

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My notes (2004-03-25, PDF, 1,7MB)

here are the links to university of Aachen that Mr. Lubkoll mentioned
the complete script (PDF, 16MB; version 2002) - Take care 16MB!!!!
chapter work organization (PDF, 900kb; version 2003) - Here all the pictures from the lecture are in.
chapter order processing (PDF, 1,1MB; version 2003) - contains the slides from 2004-01-14

questionaire for exam preparation by Mr. Lubkoll (PDF, 20kb)
Also for exam preparation we should do the Office-Chair exercise at the end of the order processing document! (s.a.)


Case Study 2 (Task) (PDF, 5k)
Case Study 5 (Task) (PDF, 5k)
Case Study 5 (solution) (PDF, 10k)
Case Study Cafeteria (PDF, 26k)
Case Study Rutherford (PDF, 56k)(2004-01-07)


Case Study 4 (Task) (PDF, 5k)
Cafeteria & Rutherford CaseStudy are the same as for group 1 (2004-01-07)


industrial engineering lecture at university of Aachen